AdvoCare Distributor Kit…What do you get?

When I first began researching the opportunity side of AdvoCare, I began by searching for what came in the kit to get you started.  Mostly, all the photos I found were stock photos of the kit you receive when you sign up to become a distributor.  So I figured, why not share photos of exactly what came in mine and offer my own thoughts about it.

First off, I don’t really consider myself a distributor just yet.  Basically I’m just a wholesale customer, getting my products at a 20% discount.  I paid $79 (plus $7.45 s/h & $6.68 tax, bringing the total paid to $93.13), for a membership into the AdvoCare “Club”.  This means I currently get 20% off any products I purchase.  Plus, if people choose to purchase products from me, I can make a 20% profit (and more!!) on whatever they choose to buy. It’s kind of like becoming a member at Sam’s Club or Costco.  You pay a yearly membership fee to buy products at a discount.  And yes, there is a yearly fee for AdvoCare as well.  If you choose to continue to want to purchase your AdvoCare products at a 20% discount, there is a $50 annual renewal fee.  You can choose to stay or go 1 year from the date you signed up.  So if you signed up today, next year on that day, you’ll need to pay $50 to stay.  (Once you renew, you do get 2 free boxes of Spark, 1 box with each of your next to orders.  So that’s a great perk to renewing.)  Make sense?

Ok, now onto the kit. The photos I found, when searching for the kit, showed different things, because the kit has been updated and changed over the years.  This is what comes in the current kit:  3 boxes of Spark (1 Green Apple, 1 Fruit Punch, and 1 Strawberry Mango, $68.85 retail value), plus a Getting Started Guide.  That’s it.  Pretty simple huh?  They used to send out a DVD and Impact Magazine with the kit, but do not any longer.  Those items are available to purchase on your AdvoCare website though.  This kit is a great way to sample several different flavors of Spark, then have the ability to order more at a discounted price.


Better still, the more products you buy, the higher your discount level is. And it’s cumulative, meaning once you hit a discount level, you never go lower than that. Your purchases (and sales if you choose to), continue to add up, earning you a higher discount level as you continue to use (and/or sell) products you love.  See the chart below for details.


This makes signing up as a distributor/wholesale customer an even better idea.  If you’re already purchasing AdvoCare products at full price, you’ll get to the higher discount levels in no time.  So why not be rewarded for your purchases?? You can choose to cancel your distributorship at anytime, no questions asked.  One last thing.  You get your very own website to purchase your own products from, and for others to purchase from you for FREE.  A lot of other direct sales companies charge monthly for websites.  Some cost as much as $24.95/month!!  Your AdvoCare site is totally FREE! YAY!

We’ll be starting a 10 Day Cleanse soon to jump start our fitness goals, and I can’t wait to share about our prep and results from it!




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