10 Day Cleanse Thoughts and Results…

So we finished up with the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse last Friday and we wanted to share our results and also some thoughts about it.


First the results! I lost 4lbs total and Adam lost 5lbs total! And we both lost several inches overall!  We really weren’t expecting to lose much, but were pleased to find out that we both did lose some!!  We’re excited to continue exercising more and eating clean as often as possible, but still enjoying foods we both like.

If you’re planning on doing the 10 Day Cleanse alone or as part of the 24 Day Challenge, here are a few thoughts we have to make the process a little easier!

First off, this is not a laxative based cleanse, so it’s very mild.  It’s basically just ridding your body of toxins.  By cutting out sugar, alcohol, processed foods, etc. and adding in probiotics, 10g of Fiber and eating healthy food, the cleanse is helping your body reset itself.  It’s a perfect way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.  Eating clean and working out during the cleanse are the key components, in addition to the supplements, to achieve results.

Fiber Drink – Choose the Unflavored Fiber Drink and mix it with Spark every morning.  I had the Peaches n’ Cream Fiber Drink and Adam had the Unflavored and mixed it with Spark.  We switched one day, and I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to drink the Unflavored version.  The Peaches n’ Cream isn’t terrible, but is SO chalky and I quickly got tired of it.  If you choose the Unflavored Fiber drink, you can mix it with a different flavor of Spark everyday if you want so it’s not so boring and gross.  Also, mix it quickly with a spoon and CHUG IT!  Don’t let it sit around or it gets goopy and thick.  Gross.  If you mix it and immediately drink it, it’s fine.

Drinking Water – This got easier every single day.  At first we both felt like we were water balloons ready to pop. HA!  But our bodies eventually got used to the extra water intake, and we found that it just became habit to drink water regularly.  I drank around 72oz a day, while Adam drank 108oz.  AdvoCare recommends dividing your body weight in half and using that as a guide for how many ounces of water you drink for the challenge.

CorePlex (vitamins) & OmegaPlex (Fish Oil) – We highly recommend these products as an addition to the 10 Day Cleanse and 24 Day Challenge.  We took them with dinner every night and had no problems at all.  I’ve seen others mention that the vitamins made them sick (I’ve experienced this in the past) when taking them on an empty stomach, so make sure you eat and then take them.  Adam took his about halfway through dinner, I took mine after.

We are continuing to use Spark, CorePlex, and OmegaPlex daily.  We’ve also ordered some additional ProBiotic RESTORE™ ULTRA to add to our daily regimen just for the added health benefits that probiotics offer.

If you have any questions about the 10 Day Cleanse, 24 Day Challenge, or any of these products ask away!


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